Puerto Vallarta’s Amazing Activities

ATV Tours

If you like adventure, this is the perfect option for you! Adventure Without Limits! Dare to ride an ATV and discover unknown trails, in the stunning Sierra Madre. Admire the scenery from our mountains to the river canyon, where we’ll enjoy the waterfall “el salto” and the wonders that nature has given us. Come and live an adventure, where the adrenaline will be the main ingredient of this exciting tour.

Prices starting at $76 USD per person.

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Boat and Yacht Rentals

In this offshore private fishing charter our professional crew will do the dirty work for you, teach you the bases (if you need guidance) and help you with everything you need. Of course, if you want to get your hands dirty, you are invited. We do not want to hog all the fun!

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Combo ATV & Zip Line

Earth, Water, Air & Adrenaline. … The perfect combination for a great adventure. On board an ATV we will rejoice through unknown trails for 60 minutes with the amazing view of the Sierra Madre. We will make a stop in a wonderful crystalline waterfall “el salto” where you can take a dive in the natural spring water. Then we turn on the speed, flying over the river, feel the wind as you go 200 feet above the river at extreme speed, among the treetops, enjoying the majestic scenery surrounding, a place where adventure has only one name and the special guest is you. Ahh I almost forgot, we will close this adventure aboard some court and flirty mules.

Prices starting at $142 USD per person

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Customized Tour

Mexico Lifestyles is proud to offer a fully customizable tour. Our chauffer will pick you up in an elite, air conditioned suburban or van at your villa or hotel and take you anywhere within the bay. We can spend the day exploring another part of the bay, visit the rural areas, spend time bar hopping or dining, just let us know what you would like and we can make it happen.

Seating up to 8.

Prices start at $300 USD.

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Food Tours


One-of-a-kind Food Tastings
A day time walking cultural food tour exploring the best of Centro and Old Town neighborhoods.
DAYS: Everyday
TIME: 11:00am
Prices starting at $49 USD / $37 USD (under 12 years)


The Street-An evening taco adventure tour
Watch the streets come alive at night with eating the best night time tacos in Vallarta!
DAYS: Everyday except Wednesday
TIME: 6:30pm
Prices starting at $49 USD Adult /$54 USD with 2 beers/ $39 USD Child


A tequila, taco and mexican cocktail tour
While strolling Centro you will sample an amazing variety of authentic regional tacos as well as some delicious cocktails. Salud!
DAYS: Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
TIME: 3:30pm
Prices starting at $67 USD Adult


One-of-a-kind Food Tastings
A day tour exploring the Pitillal neighborhood, a charming authentic Mexican town in the middle of Vallarta, 10 minutes from the cruise ship terminal, off the touristy path.
DAYS: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays year ’round
TIME: 10:30am

Prices starting at $49 USD / $37 USD (under 12 years)

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Our journey will start at Boca de Tomatlan, just south of Puerto Vallarta, where our 5-6 hour tour begins. Along the way you can explore the unique flora and fauna of the region, admire the birds and endless habitat, and cool off in the water. We will break for lunch and drinks (not included in the price), before heading back via water panga. Bring plenty of sunscreen and water, athletic or hiking shoes, swimwear, and bug spray.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays only

Prices starting at $49 USD per person

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Pirate Ship

This five-hour cruise begins just before sunset and offers incredible views of Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta from the deck of a real wooden pirate ship. Onboard entertainment includes Prehispanico show and pirate show, acrobatics, sword-fighting and even a fireworks display! Full dinner and free drinks will keep you happy while dancing and music will keep you on your toes. Swashbuckling-ly good!

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Razor Tour

Immerse into the wildness of the jungle and dare to experience an adventure without limits! Dare to ride a RZR and discover all the trails in the stunning Sierra Madre and its beautiful rivers.

Prices starting at $127 USD per person.

Combination Razor & Zip Line

On board your Razor you will ride through unknown trails for 60 minutes with an amazing view of the Sierra Madre at Canopy River. We will make a stop in the wonderful crystalline waterfall “el salto” where you can relax in the natural spring water to conclude our ride. We then turn on the speed flying over the river, feel the wind as you go zip lining at 200 feet above the river, among the treetops, enjoying the majestic scenery surrounding CANOPY RIVER.

Prices Starting at $177 USD per person.

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Rhythms of the Night

As night falls, the secluded cove of Las Caletas is transformed into a magical paradise, the ultimate backdrop for our exclusive event, Rhythms of the Night – an amazing voyage that will transport you to a mystical and spiritual land that time forgot.

Prices starting at $129 USD per person.

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River Expedition

Adventure without limits. The expedition begins by crossing from mountain to mountain using zip lines, combined with hanging bridges, singing lines and big leaps of action. Adrenaline will invade your senses as you Rappel down 27 meters, and then free fall for 24 meters. You then have time to recover while our guides prepare your equipment so you can enjoy our impressive line in water. We’ll make you feel exhilarated while crossing the river hanging from a Line. Just when you think we’re done , we’ll take you down the river on inflatable rafts, where you will enjoy the speed, adventure and majestic landscapes surrounding CANOPY RIVER.

Prices starting at $92 USD per person.

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Tequila Tasting

The Tequila-Curious

The Tequila-Curious is designed for those who are new to Tequila. This tasting will take you from novice to aficionado in no time and before you know it you’ll be impressing yourself with your expertise!

The Connoisseur

The Connoisseur Tequila Tasting is designed for those with discriminating tastes. Learn what truly are the finest tequilas available and decide for yourself which is the best.

The Mezcalero

The Mezcalero is designed for those who want to learn more about the smokey liquor of Mezcal, which is rapidly growing in popularity and for good reason. Come and find out what all the fuss is about.

Prices Start at $37 USD

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Tequila Tour

The history of the liquor today known as Tequila began with the ancient tribe of Mexico, The Aztec’s, the Chichimecan’s, the Otomies, the Toltecan’s and the Nahuatl’s who drank beverages made from the Agave plant that is used to make Tequila. The European influence on tequila came via the Spanish who arrived in the village of Tequila in a region of Techinchan in the old Aztec Empire & now the Jalisco state of Mexico. The Village of Tequila also sat at the foot of a Volcano name Tequila. The Nahuatl called the Agave plant metl or mexcametl, from which the word the word tequila itself is a mystery, it is said to be an ancient Nahuatl term meaning the place of harvesting plants.

We invite you to discover more by joining us on this tour through the town of Tequila.


What’s included in the tour:

  • Visit to hacienda Cofradia the only hotel with a tequila factory.

  • City tour exploring the culture of this Pueblo Magico

  • Boutique Hotel Accommodations

  • Round trip transportation

  • Meals

  • Translation services

  • Expert guide

You’ll visit a collection of the world’s best artisan distilleries, where Tequila is still a hand-crafted, labor of love.

Prices starting at $1200 USD (prices subject to change) per person

Two day trip

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Tour de Mulas

For those who prefer more fun exploring the mountains of the Sierra Madre, this ride is the best way to get immersed into the flora and fauna of the region. Riding a mule, we will embark on our tour to the Río Cuale through the famous “Cueva del Tigre” where the guide will explain the story to you. We will continue our ride to a wonderful natural setting that is located in the middle of the river, where you will have the chance to take photographs and swim in the natural pool that nature offers us.

Prices starting at $75 USD per person

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Zip Lining

Decide to feel the adrenaline during your vacation and dare to make this adventure in a 100% natural environment. We are a Mexican ecotourism company socially responsible, distinguished by the care of the planet and preservation of Mexican traditions. As a green company, we follow the basic rules of environmental protection and are part of the Select Group advised by the Mexican National Forestry Commission. Canopy River is aware that trees don’t have to disappear to live an experience of adventure, excitement and adrenaline.

Prices starting at $51 USD per person.

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